The purpose of the M2MXMLTM project is to develop an open-standard XML based protocol for Machine-To-Machine (M2M) communications. The primary design philosophy of M2MXMLTM is simplicity. Other attempts to develop protocols for M2M communications have resulted in protocols that are difficult to understand and too verbose to be used in small devices with limited communications bandwidth.

Currently, most M2M applications are a custom undertaking from end-to-end, including in many cases the development of custom communication protocols. One of the goals of M2MXMLTM is to establish an open-standard that can be adopted by device manufacturers and M2M application developers, this allowing some interoperability that does not exist today.

The M2MXMLTM project will include the development of open-source APIs and code libraries to facilitate the use of the protocol by M2M application developers.